Automatic Contact Updates

Your contact changed their number? Don’t worry. Your phonebook is already updated with their new number.

Spam Callers

Say goodbye to spammers, marketing calls, and Nigerian princes with treasures. It’s your phone. Choose who calls you.

A Better Social Media Synchronization

Control who sees your contact. Sync phonebook between devices & cloud seamlessly. Be in touch with Gmail & Facebook contacts.

A Phonebook for the Social You

Manage all your contacts in multiple circles – friends, family, co-workers, and more. Send friend requests, find old friends with new contacts, call them, email them, and engage with them in a richer, smarter way.

Yours, Forever

This is the only contacts app you’ll ever need. Backup your contacts list, social circles, and call logs on the cloud, restore them effortlessly, sync them to all your devices, import them from Facebook & Gmail, and get automatic updates on contact changes. Find addresses, email addresses, profile photos, and all the information about your connections – all in one place.

Your Phone. Your Rules

Control who sees what details with robust and customizable privacy settings and visibility options. Decide who gets your new number and who doesn’t. Tune out unwanted calls and unwarranted messages with an advanced Spam Blocker that works even offline. It’s your phone. Let it work for you.

Absolutely FREE. Today, Tomorrow, & Forever!

And NO ADS either! Incredible, isn’t it! Konnections is designed to simplify your contact management and enrich your social game. Not to ruin it with pesky ads. Experience true freedom with Konnections – freedom from finding, adding & updating contacts. It’s all automatic.

See how it works

Cool Features


Enjoy fast search and quick dialing experience.


Manage business relationships without updating their contact details.


Enjoy the unified phone book experience across the devices.

Built for

Organize contacts into family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and more circles.

Simple and
easy to use

Every aspect and feature of Konnections has been designed for all age groups.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does this app cost?

The app is completely free.


Does this app show Ads or sell my data?

Absolutely not. We will not show you any Ads or sell your data to anyone. You can use Konnections with complete peace of mind that your privacy and trust is extremely important to us.


Why should I use Konnections?

Konnections is a Social Phonebook and comes with Automatic Contacts Updater. We all know the pain of sharing our contact details when our number or address have changed. With Konnections, Just update your own profile with your new contacts and all your friends using Konnections will automatically get your new contact details.


What about Privacy? When I don’t wish to share certain contact detail with someone?

Fear Not. We have built Konnections with privacy in mind. You can choose what information is seen by everyone, or a certain group of Friends or a certain person.

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