How much does this app cost?

This app is completely free.

Does this app show Ads or sell my data?

Absolutely not. We will not show you any Ads or sell your data to anyone. You can use Konnections with complete peace of mind that your privacy and trust is extremely important to us.

Why should I use Konnections?

Konnections is a Social Phonebook and comes with Automatic Contacts Updater. We all know the pain of sharing our contact details when our number or address have changed. With Konnections, just update your own profile with your new contacts and all your friends using Konnections will automatically get your new contact details.

What about Privacy? When I don’t want to share certain contact detail with Someone?

Fear Not. We have built Konnections with privacy in mind. You can choose what Information is Seen by everyone, or a certain group of Friends or a certain person.

I have Multiple Devices. How is Konnections useful here?

Just install the app on all your devices & login with the same account! Konnections will automatically sync your contacts across all your devices. If you Connect to a new Person in one device, we will automatically update your other devices using same login.

What are circles?

Circles are the like Groups where you can logically add a particular set of people having a common base e.g. “Co-workers” or “Family”. You can choose the different Privacy Rules for different circles.

Why should I put my contacts in any circle?

Keeping contacts in circle gives you the option of setting visibility/privacy from them. People in any circle can view only those part of your data that you set as visible to them. For Eg. You can set that Contacts in “Friends” circle see only you Home Address, Home email and Mobile Number and your circles “Co-workers” can be set to see only Work Number and Work Address. If a person is kept in multiple circles the union of the visibility options of all circles is shown to them.

Can I Delete default provided circles by Konnections?

Yes. Apart from Public Info and Favourites all circles are available for deletion.

I already have a circle called “friends” in my phonebook?

When you register for Konnections all the circles in phonebook with their members will be imported as it is. This will ease your work of putting those members again in the same circle.

What is Public Info?

Public info is a circle which is like your Public Profile for the World to see and cannot be deleted. This is the place where you set visibility of that part of your profile which you want to show to everyone even if they are not your friends.

How can I introduce two people that I know to each-other?

You can go to any one friends profile page and click “Konnect” button below the profile picture. In the next list select the other person that you want him to introduce. Done. We will be sending (both of) them friend request on your behalf.

How do I use Konnections to backup my contacts?

Just install Konnections on your mobile & login - done! Konnections will automatically backup your contacts for you.

How do I restore contacts to my new mobile or after a device reset?

You did the smartest thing by using Konnections! Just install the app on your new mobile and log in! In a few minutes, all your contacts will be transferred to your phone.

What happens when my friend changes their contact details?

Any friend of yours, who are already in Konnections if changes their contact details in our app and we will make sure you automatically have the updated data in your login.

Why can’t I change the friend’s details?

The details pertain to your friend and they would be in better position to make a correct entry and at the same time they should have the honours for making choice of whom to show that data. Anyways whenever they update the data you get the update instantly.

How can I connect with more people, so I get their latest information automatically?

Connecting with people and business on Konnections is simple: just search them on add friend page into the app to request an addition.

How can I request support?

The best way to reach us is filling out the form on our website. You can also reach out to us for support e-mail to This way we receive all the information we need to assist you as soon as possible.

Will my information or contacts be sold or used by anyone else?

No, never! We are not in the business of selling contact info. Rather, we are in the business of securing it! You are always in charge of how your share your info and your contacts. Your trust is our most important asset. So be rest assured, your information is in safe hands!

Can Konnections backup my Social media & Outlook contacts?

No. Only the contacts in your phone will be merged with your master contacts list on Konnections and synced to all your connected devices.

I am not getting verification OTP

If you are not getting verification OTP while registering, firstly check the internet connection on the device. In case of proper internet or too many attempts from same mobile number please wait for some time and try again.

My question is not answered, where can I find additional help?

Please email us at